When people want to start their own blog, they usually focus on the content. Although no one can argue the value of your own content (because that is basically what blogs are all about), it is important that you also have a website that is pleasing to look at.

Blog design is more important than you think. Even if you create amazing blog posts, if your blog doesn’t look good, then you might not get the traffic that your website deserves.

So today, to help give you some inspiration when it comes to designing your blog, I will provide you with some examples of pretty good ones. Stick around because this is going to be very interesting.


Wistia provides you with a rather minimalistic blog design that focuses more on the content readability above everything else. The owner made sure that the readers’ focus will only be fixated on the actual content, meaning, the overall website design is not too “loud”.

What I love about this blog is that it streamlines the entire process. Right off the bat, you are presented with four featured articles with clever use of headlines and a small excerpt at the bottom that hooks and piques the interest of anyone who comes across the website.

Even though it has a rather simple design, it still provides a pretty good experience since it also focuses on maximum readability as well.


If you want to be inspired when it comes to using line height, then Sigstr is the blog to beat. They employ a two-column layout that helps organize articles based on newness.

Although they do not provide an excerpt below their topic titles (at least one that is descriptive like Wistia’s), the blog’s clever use of line height is what shines here. When you take a gander, the blog layout just makes sense.


InVision is very well-known for its heavily descriptive titles. As you probably know by now, a blog post’s headline is actually quite important since that would either deter or entice your audience to click on it, as well as read it in its entirety.

Usually, the use of carousels or sliders is frowned upon because you want to provide a seamless experience to your readers. But somehow, Invision has made it possible to use them in a way that features their blog posts more prominently than other site elements found on the page.

Of course, the blog also uses short descriptions that will give an idea to the readers what the blog post is all about.

Sprout Social

This blog makes good use of the images that their articles have. They make it prominent enough without taking up the entire screen and it also makes for a clean look, thus translating to good user experience.

Another notable feature of the blog is that it doesn’t entirely use black as the font color of choice. In fact, they make clever use of other colors as well, so long as they are not distractive or unpleasant to the eyes.