Let me guess the reason why you clicked on this article: you want to know some tips about affiliate marketing. An article such as this would always garner more clicks than any other content type out there, simply because people want to know something that they’re really curious about (in this case, learning more affiliate marketing tips).

For those of you who do not know but are interested in this field, affiliate marketing is basically a type of marketing and promotion where the marketer would receive commissions based on the model that is set in the affiliate program or the online merchant.

Many people want to try this out for themselves because of the earning potential that can be had. If you are doing all of the right things, then you can expect to earn more- in fact, you can even ditch your main job in favor of this one instead!

So, if you want to get good at this, do read further to find out some helpful tips, especially for people who are still starting out.

Only Work with Proven Affiliate Programs

I see this countless times wherein people are lured in by fraudulent affiliate programs that promise easy money. In fact, the most common spiel would be that you can earn money overnight. Although there is potential in earning money overnight (especially if the product is really that good), most of the time, you need patience before you can really earn something substantial.

However, because of this ‘promise’, you often see people get blindsided and fall for this. The result? They either do not get paid as the online merchant is taking advantage of your gullibility or that they will never talk to you (yet they still gain something out of your services).

You can warn others not to engage with some affiliate programs, but you do not want to be the one experiencing that, right? As a rule of thumb, do not be fooled by these ‘get money quickly’ schemes.

Do your research and find the best affiliate programs out there. Trust me, the extra work will be well worth it.

Select a Niche

Once you’ve found some affiliate networks you can work with, it is now time to determine what niche you’re going to focus your energy and attention to. This is something that most beginners do not know how to handle but you could start with something you are passionate about.

For instance, if you are passionate about food and cooking, you may want to delve into affiliate programs that offer products or services that tackle the said industry.

If you do not have a profitable passion and you cannot choose a niche by yourself, then I suggest that you look into SaaS affiliate programs. SaaS stands for Software as a Service and because of its high-demand, it offers really good commissions.

Create Your Own Website

Even though you can do affiliate marketing without a dedicated website, it is still advisable that you create your own. That is because establishing your own website may help build your credibility up and you can also amass a loyal following through an email list.

There are so many ways you can create a website. If you want to have one that is inexpensive (but still has enough functionality), I highly recommend that you use WordPress. If you can, get your own domain as well.


Search engine optimization or SEO is quite important if you want to drive more traffic to your partner merchant’s e-commerce website. That being said, there are so many aspects to SEO, but one that you should definitely focus on is the meat of your content.

In-depth content is so much better in driving more traffic to your website than anything else. Therefore, write something that your audience will love. Include affiliate links as naturally and as seamlessly as possible.