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This article will show the news of cryptocurrency in real-time. Cryptocurrency is an asset that performs transactions that are anonymous and does not come under the control of legitimate authorities. Thus, the reliability of the currency has become somehow a grey zone among the public and investors. Without further ado, let us see the real-time news of the cryptocurrency based on the past 24 hours. 

Crypto News 1: 

Pros Can Get Wild Crypto Leverage in a 20-Times Bitcoin Bet

A new hedging mechanism has given institutional investors a new option to handle the bitcoin boom and fall. The certificates were offered by FTX Trading Ltd. in Vienna earlier this month. In January, the index measured by the certificates soared as high as 296 percent in a single day. Amid the trillion-dollar crypto meltdown, it has also dropped 50% in less than 24 hours. The minimum investment is $100,000, and this is “the biggest leverage we will ever utilize,” according to FTX. Constant leverage certificates are based on an index and are reset daily. The performance of an investor who holds one for more than a day will differ from the Bitcoin movement.


Crypto News 2: 

Mark Zuckerburg’s failed cryptocurrency project is up for sale

The Diem Association, which controls the Diem digital currency‘s growth, is contemplating selling its assets. The firm is also looking for a new home for the engineers who created this technology. Since it was initially unveiled in June 2019, Mark Zuckerberg’s embattled initiative has been plagued by controversy. The initial goal was to introduce a worldwide currency that would be linked to a basket of major currencies as well as government debt. The cryptocurrency’s ambition was eventually whittled down to a stable coin backed by the US dollar and tied to a fiat currency. The cryptocurrency’s concept was eventually whittled down to Diem USD, a stable coin backed by the US dollar.


Crypto News 3: 

Is the bottom about to fall out? Bitcoin futures have entered the ‘capitulation’ zone, according to data.

Analysts enjoy making price forecasts, and it appears that nine times out of ten, they are incorrect. The 55 percent volatility of Bitcoin (BTC) must be taken seriously, and the impact on altcoins is generally greater during capitulation-like swings. After the price of Ether fell 20% in 48 hours, Zhu Su’s Three Arrows Capital bought $676.4 million worth of it. Despite the 52 percent price drop in 75 days, the Bitcoin skew indicator remained at 5%. As it got above 10%, the 25 percent skew signal shifted to the “fear” region. That 17 percent high was last witnessed in early July 2021, when Bitcoin was selling at $34,000.


Crypto News 4:

Ethereum Foundation ditches the name of Eth2  

The Ethereum Foundation has replaced all references to “Eth1” and “Eth2” with the terms “execution layer” and “consensus layer” for the original blockchain and the updated PoS chain, respectively. The r/Ether subreddit reacted with apathy to the news, with most users laughing about the change or grumbling about how long the merging was taking.

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