Are you thinking of getting a new watch? There are different types of women’s and men’s
watches in Malaysia, so choosing among them can be overwhelming. One of the most useful
timepieces you can own if you are a fitness enthusiast is a smartwatch.

1. Finish the initial set up.

After removing your new smartwatch out of its box, you may need to connect it to a charger to
charge its battery. This is part of the initial set up. Feel free to explore your timepiece, as well as
the manual that comes with it. There are tons of information out there that will teach you about
watch care.

You can start checking some of its important features. Why not enable the Bluetooth on your
smartphone, and connect it to your smartwatch? Check if it works well and fast. You should also
take the time to check if the notifications are enabled on your timepiece. See to it that the
messages and other updates are delivered with no issues.

2. Customize the look and feel of your new watch.

I hope that you have purchased a smart watch that perfectly suits your style. Whether you got a
high-end one or an affordable piece, the important thing here is that you got the watch model that
you want.

So, how can you add more personality to your watch? There are plenty of new watch faces that
you can download, both paid and free! Do you know that you can download analog designs for
your Apple Watch? You can also display the current weather conditions!

It’s possible to customize your new smart watch in other ways. Make it more versatile and
unique by exploring different watch strap options, from steel to leather.

3. Download different apps.

Aside from Google Now updates and text notifications, app still dominate the entire smartwatch
experience. You will be surprised to know that a lot of apps are already compatible with various
models. Consider downloading a reliable fitness app, so you can monitor your workouts.