new crypto trends

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest topics right now. The industry is growing by the second, and more and more people are getting involved in them. However, all good things can not stay safe for long. People invest in cryptocurrency because they intend on generating some income for themselves. Well, there are also people who have come to earn money, but not in a good way.


They pose as innocent and like-minded crypto community members and soon enough all your savings are gone in a second. Crypto scams present just as often as normal scammers. The only difference is that you will not attain your money back. 

Since blockchain is ungoverned by a collective authority, there are no set procedures and protocols that can be taken if someone were to steal all your savings. The market is also quite volatile, so there is no chance of getting your money back.


So, to avoid this from ever occurring to you, read on. Here are a few measures you can take to spare yourself from these scammers. 


Be careful of who you trust


People can be very deceiving and cunning at times. If anyone directly contacts you about your cryptos or your investments, ensure that you face them with caution. These individuals will be quick to notice your behaviour and go in for the kill. 


Other than that, if you receive any emails or messages that claim to be from government officials, be cautious of those as well. It would be more concerning if those messages came from a public figure too. As a general rule, be cautious of anybody that asks you about cryptocurrency and payments. 

Conduct your own research


As tempting as it can be, try to avoid following the advice of influencers and billionaires about investing and cryptocurrency. You should carry out your own research as you will be investing your own money and earnings.


Join online crypto communities such as Crypto Twitter, Discord and Telegram to interact with other like-minded individuals who are investing and following the latest trends. Plus, check out podcasts and YouTube videos that can enlighten you on the typical and common scamming tactics used. 


Double-check the URL


Whenever you visit any website related to cryptocurrency, check the URL of said website. There are a number of scammers that copy the URL of reliable websites and swap out certain numbers to letters. If you want to check the reliability of the website, and whether it is secure, you should look out for the lock icon at the beginning of the URL in the search bar. Plus, you should also turn your antivirus software on.

All in all, be careful of what you are doing on any websites. Ensure that you are fully confident with your decisions before investing. If you manage to meet some friends through the platforms mentioned earlier, you should consult them about any hesitations. They would have experienced similar things, which in turn would save you from losing your money. Keep updated on new crypto trends and stay safe.