MBBS course in Malaysia

Hobby is the activity that you do regularly every time you have leisure time and it must be something that you enjoy doing. As a student, you will spend most of your time going to classes, doing assignments and doing revision for tests and examinations. That must be hard and having at least one hobby can help you to forget about your responsibility as a student for a while. Even if you are taking an MBBS course in Malaysia, you deserve to spare some time for yourself.

There are a lot of importance of hobbies that you can easily see, especially as a student. Here are some of the advantages that I can list down just in case you feel the need to know.

Firstly, it helps you to socialize. Hobbies may allow you to socialize with others, which may be beneficial to your general well-being. You can make friends with others who share your interests. There are actually a lot of clubs that support young people to have hobbies such as cooking, painting, swimming, knitting, etc.

This way, you will be able to communicate with strangers and at the same time you can make new friends which can be beneficial for you.

Meeting new people means you get to increase your confidence. Meeting new people, talking and having a conversation with them and keeping in touch with new people are not easy especially when you are an introvert. As a student, you might need friends out of your college. At least you will not have to talk about studies with your new friends.

Apart from that, you will also be able to develop more skills and having a skill that no one else has is something that you should be proud of and will make you more confident.

Not only that, as a student, having a hobby might be very beneficial for your mental health and emotional well-being. Hobbies relieve stress by calming you and diverting your attention away from the more urgent issues of everyday life, such as work and expenses. Hobbies may also provide us with a sense of mastery and control. As we feel more accomplished at a specific job, our self-esteem rises.

Here are some hobbies that can help with mental and emotional well-being:



          Playing sports


As a student, you will face a lot of unnecessary stress because of your inability to manage your time well. With hobbies, you will be able to learn how to manage your time and at the same time release your stress.

 Hobbies enhance good health and may reduce the chance of developing high blood pressure. A few hours of your pastime each week can help lower your chances of depression and dementia. Hobbies help you redirect your attention on something you like doing. Physical activities in your hobbies cause chemical changes in your body that aid to reduce stress.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from having a hobby and that includes making money out of it if you have mastered any crafting skills like knitting or painting. It is really helpful for students to have hobbies, so find yours now!