Sports betting or online sport betting is full of emotion: the anticipation when you gamble and the joy when you win is anticipatory. Yet a coin has two sides, so sports betting entails both losing so winning. The slippery deception when your bet falls flat is the flip-side of the fun thing. Imagine the sensation of a couple of million staked! They dig at the most shocking defeats in the context of sports betting. Write and lament (because it wasn’t you, you should be thankful)!

Vegas Dave Loses

David Oancea is the first, more commonly known as Vegas Dave. This famous sports bettor is renowned for his large bets and much bigger profits on long shot betting on his Instagram page. However in 2016, as Miesha’s ‘Cupcake’ Tate went to the UFC 200, he had to consume humble pie. In a fight to protect her bantamweight crown, Tate fought Amanda Nunes. Tate was overwhelmed by a nude surprise in 3-16 seconds after the first round and lost the championship to Nunes (and a million dollars to Vegas Dave).

Nonetheless, Oancea seemed to take it in his footsteps and claimed his concern about Tate’s broken nose was more critical than the earnings. We ‘d not be too optimistic over wasting a nice million, so you probably have to risk it when you invest it.

Brit Bet His Defeat and Loses

Steven Richards is also a cynical football enthusiast and bettor for the Uk roofing firm. Throughout 2013, he enjoyed an impressive battery bet that started with a £ 10 ($13) bet. For 12 rugby matches effectively predicted, Richards increased the sum to £38,970 (approximately $52,800). Offensively he was fortunate and Steven agreed to gamble a week later on another rugby match.

Just the prior 10 £bet, but a major $30,000 Wales bet to defeat Australia. Australia! If they prevailed, it was £55,000 more cash, but sadly Australia claimed 30-26 Millennium Stadium victories in Wales. He had just opened his wallet of his winnings from last week until it was all gone. It will hurt!

Birdman Double Whammy

After a disastrous defeat on Super Bowl bets, Big-time Bettor Birdman was not a satisfied hip-hop star. A handful of days. Birdman proclaimed him willing to bring $5 million to Pats after the Super Bowl XLVI, a supporter of lifelong New England patriots (and well-known for its social media), and Birdman was not typical of the sportsman who called his bluff to place his money where his mouths were. Yet he made a $1 million “smaller” bet on a 50 cents game.

The New York Giants dominated the game with 21-17, sadly for Birdman, leaving him a little less comfortable and “Fiddy” a little more. Birdman may not appear to have learnt his lesson, because, while the Super Bowl LII was on, he had a $100,000 bet back with the Philadelphia artist AR-Ab on Instagram. Subsequent articles increased the overall bet to $200,000, but they vanished suddenly. In beating AR-Ab ‘s Philadelphia Eagles, Birdman again helped his favorite patriots. The Eagles had a 41-33 lead, so Birdman again became a loser.