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People have been enjoying music for many years. With the pace technology has been developing in this era, many things have become familiar such as software development and malaysia website design. They have played a part in making sure that there is great softwares we can use in order to listen to our favorite songs and playlists. New songs have been trending and allow us to appreciate good music which makes our day feel better as we listen to them. Among the genres of songs we are familiar with, emotional songs have always had a special place in our heart. It is not true that listening to sad songs only makes you feel more sad than you are. People enjoy emotional songs since the beats could be calming and the meaningful lyrics makes us able to feel the emotions or message delivered through the singers. Song covers have been very popular since you can listen to different voices and versions of emotional songs from the original.

Here are the top 3 popular emotional songs cover of all time.

Payphone (Maroon 5)

Fans of Maroon 5 have always been eager to hear song covers from this particular band. The fact that this song is very popular piques the interest of many people to cover this song. The fun part is where you can cover this song with your own style and enjoy them while playing guitar or piano. The chorus part of this song is very emotional as it tells about ‘happy ever after’ in love being a nonsense and revolve around the persona voicing out his longing for his ex-partner. You can check out the covers at Youtube and some people even posted short clips of this song covers through their Tik Tok account. 

Eenie Meenie (Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber)

Another trending emotional song cover on Tik Tok is this song by Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber. The song is emotional enough on its own, but people have been starting their video with this sentence that goes, “I know you’re just friends, but..” and proceed with the chorus of the song. For this particular song, the lyrics are very heart-wrenching especially with the slower beat sung by the fans other than the original singers. Especially the part where the song reaches this part : “You seem like the type, to love them and leave them, and disappear after this song. So give me the night, to show you, hold you, don’t leave me out here dancing alone.” This part would definitely make you hug your partner tight as you listen to the covers.

Baby (Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris)

For some people, this song has always been that song which makes you feel happy when you hear them on the street or in the shopping mall you are in. Tik Tok, however, manages to make it sound super emotional with the covers where the song has been adjusted to suit the somber mood of the “I know you’re just friend, but..” challenge. The chorus is sung with high vocals which only make them sound more emotional and sad to the listeners. 

Last Words

In conclusion, these are the top 3 popular emotional song covers on Tik Tok. If you know nothing of these because you don’t have a Tik Tok account, perhaps it’s time for you to create one if you wish to listen to some great emotional song covers.