Games, Most of the time we think about Games we always think about leisure time but the truth is that Games are not only played in leisure times but it has also become a part of life. it is something we will do and use even on the days that we do not have time we will inevitably still find some time to at least go in the app to play a little. 


We are now in 2022 and our technology has grown exponentially. Our mobile phones and more are able to withstand high performance games as well as other devices that can endure the high stress of games nowadays. Since our technologies are able to withstand them now the question is not what can our devices albeit a phone, laptop, PC or console anymore but more like, what are some games for us to play


Racing Games


If you are more of a mobile gamer then you can try Real Racing 3 as the graphics are smooth and very nice to play. It is by far the most fun car game you can play that has actual solid physics in game. If you want more of a simulation then you will need to go for PC or Console with games like Assetto Corsa or Formula 1 and more. Those games can even fit with some accessories like steering wheel and pedals to give it more of the realism and if you want immersive, you can also pair it with the VR and use it as a first person point of view. 


Shooting Games


Shooting games are a favorite of many people, especially one that like fast paced games. If you like these kinds of games, you’re in luck because these kinds of games let you play through mobile, PC, Laptop as well consoles. There are a wide variety as well as many devices that support this kind of games. Games like these are like Apex Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Fortnite, Call of Duty and more. Apex Legends run on many devices, Consoles, Phones, PC’s as well and you are able to just play it anywhere and everywhere. Rainbow 6 Siege on the other hand is only available in PD or Laptop and it is really fun. Call of duty also has it on Mobile as well as PC and also Console and they are among one of the oldest games out there in the market. 



Battle Royale Games


Battle Royale is also a very fun game and it is similar to shooting games but it is of a different mode. The Battle Royale games are types of games of fight until the last one or last squad stands liken to the Hunger Games movie and it is very fun. Although it may take time to finish one match, it is very fun when you can loot and fight and have a higher chance of winning based on weapons and loot you have. These types of games are like Apex Legends, PUBG and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. These games are very fun and very strategic. For Apex Legends and PUBG they are available on PC and Mobile to play. It is truly fun and addictive. 


Online Casino


One more type of game that is starting to pick up speed on popularity is Online Casino games and if you like to try slot games online for mobile Malaysia then MySlot King is one that you can try to play. If you are interested in games like these then you can always try it out. There are many varieties of games that you can play 

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