There is a chemical reaction in which calcium, Silicon, aluminum, iron, and some other ingredients are involved in the manufacturing of cement. The components involved in the production of cement are heated at high temperatures. As a result, the rock-like substance is grounded into a fine powder that everyone names as cement. Calcium silicate is the most crucial constituent of cement, which when mixed with water, forms calcium silicate hydrate and Calcium Hydroxide. A sufficient amount of heat is released when the initial stage of hydration happens, and this is because the parent compound dissolves and their chemical bonds breakdown. Upon releasing heat, the stage of hydration comes to an end, and no one fully understood that for what reason it happens. This stage is crucial because it makes cement as a cement retarding agent, and if this stage is missing, then one has to pour cement upon mixing immediately.

When it comes to construction, we must test the quality of cement before using it for construction. There are some properties that a good cement should possess, and those properties are:


In construction, many builders use cement as a cement binder. Cement should be good enough that it could provide enough strength to masonry so that it could stay for a required period.

    Stiffness or hardness

Upon setting on the building material, the cement should provide stiffness or hardness as early as possible so the material could bind together.


The best types of cement for construction contain good plasticity and retarding agent

    Moisture resistant

When you are going to select the type of cement for your building, keep in mind that it should be an excellent building material so that you can efficiently work with that. A good cement should be good moisture resistant so that it can stand in the moisture containing environment.

These all the above-mentioned properties that are mentioned above depend on the composition of cement and thoroughness of burning and fineness of grinding. To check all these properties in cement, there should be proper field tests and laboratory tests to ensure that the cement contains all the necessary qualities. There are different reasons to explain why a specific brand of cement is suitable for your construction purpose than other brands. The processes that are involved in the manufacturing of cement are related to the emission of greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants so that cement industries should also take steps to control the emission of greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants as well.

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