If you have your own business, creating or building an online presence is considered as a benchmark in the corporate world these days. As a matter of fact, if you don’t consider digital marketing, I say you really miss a lot, not only in terms of sales but also in terms of unforgettable experiences. 


A website should be automatic for every business owner and when it comes to websites, they should be responsive. In fact, in the digital world, it is considered as the norm. What is a responsive website? Just as how it sounds, it means that your website can be opened by any kind of device, be it a laptop, a mobile phone, tablet and so on. Yes, you might say that all websites can be opened by the mentioned devices, but there are times when they might indeed load, but navigating through them is such a struggle. When you say a responsive website, it means that when the site is opened in smaller screens, it will adjust so that everything will just fir perfectly, like you are opening a desktop. 

Jumix, a website design service penang, believes that a responsive website is more beneficial and rewarding. Below are the many benefits you can expect. Check this out:

  1. You can work even while you are on the go. You see, when the site can be conveniently opened in small screens, the users or customers can easily check your products without having to adjust some of its sections. As mentioned above, the site will automatically fir to the smaller screen so that what you see in your desktop is just the same view in your mobile device. 
  2. Because your website can be easily opened in any size of screens, you can expect that you get more mobile traffic. If you are not aware yet, it is easy to imagine that there are more mobile users. Yes, those office people might be using a laptop in their workplaces, but you can be assured that once they get home, they will switch to their mobile phones. As a matter of fact, this is usually the case when they are on the way to their homes like while they are still in a bus and so on. This is their time to browse online and check some good products.
  3. The process is faster and even cheaper. If you will ask a web designer, you will find that creating a responsive website is faster and easier than if one will create a standalone mobile application. That means you will be paying less for this particular service. 
  4. And lastly, it entails less maintenance compared to some other options. This is quite convenient for business owners, not only because of the lower cost, but also because of the fact, that you also need less time to have your website checked. 

So, if you think that a responsive website is indeed what you need, give Jumix a call now!