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Borrowing is nothing uncommon because you have to admit that some people borrow things from someone all the time. It can be something as simple as a pen or it could be something like money. Some people have this habit of borrowing things from people and never returning the items back to their owners. It could have started as he borrowed an eraser from his deskmate and totally forgot to return it back. As this repeats, he gets used to borrowing and not returning them and assumes that the people he borrowed from did not mind the habit. Little did he know that some people can be shy and so do not know how to ask about it face to face. Thus, imagine how the people will feel as he becomes ignorant about this. 

Borrowing is not something you should make as a habit, especially when you do not return them back and here are the reasons why.

Shows That You Are An Ignorant Individual

When you borrow something from someone, remember that the person actually expects you to return them back after you finish using them. This should also apply to your siblings if you borrow their clothes or shoes. You might think it’s nothing if you do not return their belongings, but you never know if it is their favorite shirt or if the items are important to them. You will be seen as an ignorant individual who does not care about anyone else although you are the one borrowing things from its owners. Imagine if you are in their shoes and someone does not return the items you think are important to you. You need to be more considerate of other people.

They Could Need The Money Too

If you happen to borrow a certain amount of money from someone, write a note somewhere or do that on your phone so that you would not forget to pay them back. You can’t expect them to come to you and ask for their money because it might be embarrassing for some people as they think they are being petty if they do that. They could need the money too but are too shy to ask for it from you. Why should they be the ones feeling bad since you are the one who is asking for their favor before? Be responsible and return their money on time, no matter what you used the money for. For example, you might borrow money for forex trading, which you can do by checking out vietnam best forex brokers. However, make sure you pay them back because they might need the money urgently.

Gives You A Bad Image

People would start criticising your actions because borrowing things from others and not returning them is a bad habit that will make people feel mad at you. They will talk behind your backs and refuse to lend you anything because of your bad image. 

Last Words

It is advised that you should be a more responsible person by returning anything you borrow. It is basic common sense, you know. I hope this has been helpful and informative for you as we can see the importance of avoiding the habit of borrowing and never returning.

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